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siena line

Line Siena


18/10 Stainless steel - Thickness 2,0 mm
Polishing By Brushing

On request

2,0 mm Inox 18/C

The Siena cutlery line is part of the 3V Venosta "Colorati" collection, cutlery that unites the shine of steel with the lively colour of the handle. A true touch of design to match your set of dishes and glasses, playing on the tones of the table cloth or of your kitchen. The knife, fork and spoon of the Siena line offer modern and minimalist style. The handle, available in various colours, has decisive squared lines softened only by a slight curve on the upper part of the point. The Siena cutlery line is ideal for those who enjoy minimalist composition and style, where the colour is recalled by other design items that enhance the table.

Cutlery Available

Icon Description Thickness
cucchiaio da tavola Table Spoons 1,8 mm
forchetta da tavola Table Forks 2,0 mm
coltello da tavola inox 18 Table Knives Inox 18/C 2,0 mm
cucchiaino moka Moka demitasse spoons 1,2 mm
cucchiaino tea caffe Tea/Coffee Spoons 1,5 mm
forchettina dolce Dessert Fork 1,5 mm