la storia di 3V Venosta

3V Venosta The 3V of Venosta Armanno & f.lli has produced housewares and cutlery for more than thirty years in Lumezzane (Brescia), offering the MADE IN ITALY quality and guarantee.
The experience gained over the years by 3V VENOSTA in cutlery manufacturing is supported by the competence of the district of Lumezzane, recognized as a world leader in steel-crafting.

The efforts of the 3V VENOSTA are directed to attaining the highest quality without neglecting the convenience factor, thus enabling meeting the needs of all the customers.

The 3V Venosta production system's versatility and the elasticity allow designing housewares and cutlery according to the specific personalizations and requirements of each customer.

Quality and organization are the guarantees making us the suppliers of major Italian and foreign companies in the areas of coffee roasting, hotel and restaurant supply. Venosta cutlery is in particular demand in the food, cafeteria, bar, pub, hotel and self-service sector.

Venosta cutlery's practicality and design also make it popular in Italian family kitchens for daily household use.

The passion we put into our cutlery brings elegance to your table

The 3V VENOSTA production includes: 18/10 stainless steel cutlery and household items, 18/C steel cutlery and household items, and "Colorati" cutlery with plastic handles.