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venezia line

Line Venezia


18/10 Stainless steel - Thickness 2,0 mm
Polishing By Brushing

On request

2,0 mm Inox 18/C
2,5 mm Inox 18/10
Polishing By Tumbling

The Venezia cutlery line was designed and conceived with a high level of artistic care. The classic harmony of its forms is modernized by the relief droplet placed at the end of the handle, a decorative element with strong emotional impact. The fork and spoon of the Venezia cutlery line are available in both the 2.5mm and 2 mm versions.
The Venezia line is perfect for ceremonies, hotel, restaurants, hotel chains, and caterers wanting to create a sensation with a modern interpretation of the classic.


Cutlery Available

Icon Description Thickness
cucchiaio da tavola Table Spoons 1,8 mm
forchetta da tavola Table Forks 2,0 mm
coltello da tavola inox 18 Forged Table Knives Forged
coltello da tavola inox 18 Table Knives Inox 18/C 2,5 mm
cucchiaino moka Moka demitasse spoons 1,2 mm
cucchiaino tea caffe Tea/Coffee Spoons 1,5 mm
cucchiaino bimbo Baby spoons 1,5 mm
forchetta frutta Fruit Fork 2,0 mm
coltello frutta forgiato Fruit Knife Forged Forged
coltello frutta inox 18 C Fruit Knife Inox 18/C 2,0 mm
pala dolce Dessert Server 1,8 mm
coppia insalata Salad set 2,0 mm
mestolo Ladle 2,5 mm

Sets Available

Set Posate 48 pezzi bauletto in legno

48-piece Wooden
Chest Cutlery Set

  • 12 Table forks
  • 12 Table spoons
  • 12 Table knives
  • 12 Tea/Coffee Spoons
vetrina posate 24 pezzi

24-piece Cutlery Set
Display Case

  • 6 Table forks
  • 6 Table spoons
  • 6 Table knives
  • 6 Tea/Coffee Spoons